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This website wouldn’t happen without the support from various individual people and institutions. That’s why I’d like to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to all those who believed in my project and offered professional help, as well as emotional support whenever my research road turned a little rocky.

In no particular order, the credit goes to:

  • The Leverhulme Trust for offering me one of their 2015 Fellowships;
  • Prof. Ib Bondejberg from the University of Copenhagen, Prof. Mikołaj Jazdon from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Dr Pratap Rhugani from the London College of Communication, UAL for supporting the project;
  • Justyna Turczynowicz, Anna Pawłowska, Danuta Pawłowska and Ewa Ferency from the National Film Archive on Chełmska Street in Warsaw for sharing their expert archive knowledge, tea, coffee and lunch breaks and for going out of their way to find rare materials;
  • Adam Wyżyński and Krzysztof Berłowski from the National Archive on Puławska Street in Warsaw for their professional advice, help with materials and for their patience;
  • Nolwenn Baot from Falmouth University for helping me with all the admin and budgets;
  • Magdalena Tymicka for welcoming me in Warsaw with her great meals, her sofa and the best friendship;
  • Slavek Leszczynski for his company and support at home;
  • The team at Dots+Circles & SupportDevs for their great work on the website design, development and leading me through all the technical nitty-gritty;
  • Alex Matheson for proofreading my drafts;
  • Dr Victoria Byard, Dr Laura Canning & Dr Verena Von Eicken for being not only my colleagues but also great friends;
  • My other colleagues and students at the School of Film & Television at Falmouth University for inspiration, interest and understanding;
  • My family and friends, too many to mention here, for ‘being the rainbows in my sky’, as Maya Angelou would say;
  • My cat, Pan Kitinka for sleeping next to me when I was writing;
  • And finally, and most importantly, all the female filmmakers who made documentaries in Poland before 1989 for giving me such an intellectual pleasure when I looked into their work.